Padres new logos

In addition to the uniform updates, the Padres also unveiled three new logos for use in 2012. The “SD” logo has been updated to a circular mark featuring the text “San Diego Padres Baseball Club” and is to be used as the team’s primary mark.

The Padres’ new secondary logo features the Padres script under skyline imagery of PETCO Park. The new secondary mark also includes the classic “SD” along with “Est. 1969” and will be featured in a patch on the sleeve of the club’s blue and gray jerseys.

In addition, the Padres have wheeled out a revamped Swinging Friar logo for 2012. The mark makes use of the original classic Swinging Friar from the early days of Padres history, with updated colors to match the blue and white currently worn by the club. It will be featured in a patch on the sleeve of the Padres’ white jerseys.


(sorry my inglish is too …………… i like the second, the padres whit petco back, i love it “LOS PADRES” i send hi from mexicali, mexico

Very cool! I’m glad the vintage Friar is back!

Im really digging the “Padres script under skyline imagery”. The new swinging friar not so much it reminds me of an early Simpsons episode. Im much more of a fan of the newer modern friar, with 2012 being a much expected year i would think the designs would progress not turn back in time. All in all i am baseball fan, not a Logo fan lol so i cannot wait for spring training and the start of the 2012 season. Go Pads!

Yeah for the Friar! Glad to have you back, buddy! (Even though you never wore blue.)

Alright, so the Est. 1969 and SD logo are awesome. But the Swinging Friar looks horrible. The friar needed no revamping, and now looks like a 1950’s cartoon.

not a fan. bring back the Brown and bring back originality for once..

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