Padres unveil new uniform designs

The Padres today unveiled their updated uniforms and new logos for the 2012 season at a special event for select season ticket holders at PETCO Park. Padres President/Chief Operating Officer Tom Garfinkel was on hand along with several Padres players to make the announcement.

Included in the uniform changes for 2012, are updated home whites and road grays, along with a new blue alternate uniform featuring the Padres’ “SD” on the chest. San Diego’s military jerseys will still feature the digital camouflage pattern modeled after the U.S. Marines, but will have updated numbers and text on the back to remain consistent with the Padres’ other uniforms.

All four of the updated jerseys are currently available for sale at the Padres store and online at



That’s works for me!! Very Cool!!

Why aren’t they BROWN? Anything that doesn’t return to the brown roots of the franchise is unacceptable.

ever think that maybe we suck is cause we care more about what we wear that how we play? stick to baseball not clothing design….just a thought..

Now to help AMERICA, can’t the PADRES get a vendor to have these new uniforms made and labeled “MADE IN AMERICA” and how American is baseball with made in China labels? Come on team managers, owners, and fans, lets get with the program and stop supporting foreign enterprise with our American sports teams!

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