11,000 Future Friars

As was announced last November, the Padres will be outfitting over 11,000 youth baseball players with Padres jerseys for their 2012 season.

Players from the four San Diego Little League districts closest to Petco Park, representing ages 4-12, will wear authentic Majestic Padres button-down jerseys and corresponding caps, thanks to the efforts of the Padres and the Padres Foundation.

Selected by the teams, the youth uniforms represent 20 different styles from Padres history, dating from the Pacific Coast League days all the way through the club’s updated 2012 look.

With the Little League season quickly approaching, the uniforms are beginning to arrive at Petco Park. Staff members have been working hard to sort through the mountains of boxes that have arrived, preparing for distribution over the next month.

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  1. Pedro Anaya

    As a member of the Padres Hispanic Leadership Council I was very excited to hear about the Padres efforts to support local little leaugues in San Diego! I applaud the efforts of the Padres for making sure our youth have access to Baseball. I understand what a huge undertaking this is for staff and I am very appreciateve of their efforts. Finally every kid will have an oportunity to be a Padre! Congratulations!

  2. stryfe9agb

    I love this! I’m pretty jealous of these kids, wishing they sold these for us adult fans too…especially those red/white/blue PCL jerseys

  3. Mike

    From a former Little League Board Member, Umpire, Secretary, Manager, Coach ultimately Dad, I too applaud this generous gesture to our local youths.

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